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Frances Rippy

Frances Rippy is a dynamic theatre director and arts administrator based out of Brooklyn, NY. Below is a selection of their directing work, for more details about any of the projects or to inquire about their performance and design history, contact us here!

2023, devised by the ensemble


Purgatorio was the frenzied, pulsing brain-child of director Frances Rippy developed during their post-graduate study in Arezzo, IT. Inspired by Dante's epic poem of the same name and set in a techno club afterlife, this adaptation asks piercing questions about punishment, the trans second puberty, and religious essentialism. Purgatorio had a workshop preview at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA before having it's world premiere at Edinburgh Fringe 2023 to critical acclaim.  

2023, devised by the ensemble


HappyLove/SadLove was a site-specific love letter to the Villa Godiola in Arezzo, IT exploring the connections of love, memory, and place through physical theatre. Frances Rippy was a member of the company of 5 devisers-performers who created, directed, and performed this impressionistic odyssey .

2023, devised by the ensemble

Sceni Comiche

Sceni Comiche was a clown programme devised and performed by the ensemble under the direction of André Casaca at Teatro C'Art in Castelfiorentino, IT. Rippy developed a great deal of their comic wit and honed their comic timing in creating this work.

2021, by Steve Yockey


Mercury is a dark comedy about 3 couples and the lengths they'll go to for survival outside Portland Oregon. Rippy directed this production for their undergraduate thesis in directing at Vassar College.